The intent of this sketch was to:

  • Explore what it would take to render a layout of hexagons and detect mouse clicks
  • It is built with Processing.

After developing this, I came across this post Hexagonal Grid Reference from Amit Patel, which has a wonderful collection of resources for working with hexagons.

I would like to explore that list (and other resources) and revisit my approach here.


  • f Toggles the setting of overflowing the hexagons to the viewable area.
  • C (capital C) fills the area with a grey.
  • r Changes the random seed (only used for color palette).
  • s Sets the ‘radius’ of the hexagon to a value based on the mouse’s X position (left most edge maps to 20px and right edge maps to 200px)
  • c Redraws the hexagon grid with the current settings and same random seed (useful to clear out hexagons highlighted while mousing over areas).


  • HOVER / CLICK Highlight the hexagon below the mouse’s current position.