A collection of equations, to create various Vector fields.

The intent of this sketch is to experiment with alternate fields and see what patterns they produce.

Currently the fields have to be toggled on/off via code.

Fields are:

  1. LotkaVolterraEquation
  2. SimpleWind
  3. SinuousWind
  4. OddEvenWind
  5. StackedWind
  6. MultiStackedFields
    • LotkaVolterraEquation
    • SimpleWind
    • SinuousWind
  7. GravityField
  8. LorentzEquation


a - While holding the mouse, will add a ball, you can pull it back like a slingshot and release.

d - Will drop a ball every 50 pixels

C - Will empty the array of balls

c - Will redraw the current screen, clearing existing trails.

1-7 - Will load a change the field equation to a different preset (see number -> field equation list above)

f - Toggles fading the background to black.

v - Toggles the display of the vectors describing the field equation.

b - Draw the vectors once (useful when background is faded to black)