A simple game of dodging circles bigger than you, absorbing smaller ones.

The intent of this sketch is to experiment with a bit of game mechanics.


  • Upon contact, you absorb (or lose) 10% of the circles area that are smaller (or bigger) than you.
  • If you completely absorb another ball, another one pops on the board, with a radius based on a Gaussian distribution around yours.
  • If at any point, another circle is more than 2x as big as you, it will have it’s radius reduced by 5% per frame (to even out the playing field)
  • If your radius gets below 3 pixels, you lose.
  • Clicking the mouse when the game is over will restart a new game.

Future Features:

  • Upgrade the collision test logic (perhaps use cells to limit comparisons) to allow circles to bounce off of each other.
  • Create a goal:
    • Survival
    • Collect N number of particular color
  • Create opponent circles that try to subvert your goal.