I’m redoubling my efforts to live by a pseudo-mantra that I thought of a few years ago.

Learn. Create. Teach.

I see those activities as a cycle you enter for a given topic, and while there are many other aspects (exploration, discovery, inspiration, collaboration, etc) I feel they are the core of advancing both your own growth and that of a community around a given topic.

I’ve been in a learn phase for a long time, and I am now turning my attention to create some things based on what I’ve learned.

For now, I’m have started on a number simple code sketches, which I’ve posted to lecrte.tumblr.com. They are implemented in the Processing language (processing.org), which is very fun, and super accessible for even non-programmers.

As time progresses, I hope to explore other technologies and media, focusing on data (and info) visualization. I will post as much instructional content as I can, to humbly fulfill the teach phase; ideally progressing to a point where I can tighten the loop of that cycle.

Here’s to the joy of the journey.



  1. I’ve shortened those 3 words to lecrte by taking the first two letters of each word and is the username I commonly use on various web services.
  2. The source code for the sketches is available on Github.
  3. I plan on using that Tumblr for more raw content, so as to remove the barriers of perfection from me sharing this sort of exploration.